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School trustee's Facebook showed inappropriate touching

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Granbury School Board member Bob Swearingen apparently meant for a post on his Facebook page to be comical, but it was no laughing matter to school board president Mark Jackson.

On the Facebook page was the photo of a man, apparently a yoga instructor, inappropriately touching two females while they were on their backs with their legs stretched over their heads.

Swearingen and the man apparently look alike.

"Here's my evil twin," Swearingen posted. "Except for my little wedding band, I NEVER wear jewelry (the man appears to be wearing a watch and rings)." 

Jackson, speaking for the board, said, "We in no way condone or approve of such behavior and are fully investigating the matter."

Two former school board members, Micky Shearon and Chris Tackett, want Swearingen to resign. Jackson said he's had about 15 emails from people wanting the same.

Jackson, however, said the board cannot force Swearingen to resign."Any personal views expressed in the public domain is their personal responsibility," Jackson said. "We simply cannot control them. Ultimately, the public can decide who sits in the office by going to the polls. Only the Trustee can decide to either apologize or resign their office."

Swearingen admitted he didn't use good judgment. His Facebook comments included: "I am guilty of poor judgment in having posted that comment/meme. It was an offensive picture and I was stupid to have used it in any way. It has been pulled once the offensiveness of it was made known and once I got past initial defensiveness (and questions about lack of humor were brushed aside). Please know that I would never condone inappropriate touching."



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