It was thundering Thursday inside the James Wann Center as 80 players brought the lightning to basketball camp learning the fundamentals and team concepts it takes to become a Granbury Lady Pirate.

BASKETBALL CAMP: 80 players showed up for the 2021 Lady Pirates Basketball Camp

HUSTLING: Lady Pirate basketball campers work at following coach Alan Thorpe's instructions.

"We've had a good turnout this year, and the girls have shown up ready to work and learn," Coach Alan Thorpe said. "When you have people attending who are serious about learning the game, it always makes our job as coaches easier."

It's hard to hear Thorpe over the slamming of basketballs as the girls work on a dribble and pivot, but it's not loud enough for Granbury's third-year coach.

"Are you kidding me?" Thorpe asks. "That's not how we dribble hard. You've got to take control and move the ball fast, or someone is going to take it from you."

Thorpe grabs a freshman player and demonstrates the move, and the campers work hard at replicating Thorpe's demonstration. It's the last day of camp, but if you are a Lady Pirate, that means always doing it right, there are no shortcuts, and no intensity let downs.

"We've had a great group of athletes this year," Thorpe said. "I was impressed with their drive, and they came out wanting to learn new things from us."

"Us," being Thorpe's coaching staff and the varsity basketball players who also took part in helping with instruction.

"Helping out at camp promotes positive reinforcement for our players," Thorpe said. "I think they get a kick out of the reaction of these younger kids when they see how much they are looked up to by them."

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