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  • Bush and Gore were on campaign trail

Bush and Gore were on campaign trail

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The following is compiled from files at the Hood County News and other news sources.


Sept. 2, 2000

n George W. Bush was running against Al Gore in a presidential election, “Survivor” was the No. 1 show on television and the iPod had not been invented yet.

n In Hood County, officials were negotiating the budget for fiscal year 2001.

n Constable Roy Addington asked county commissioners to hire deputy constables to help him and his fellow constable Chad Jordan. Jordan is still a constable today.

n Someone stole a $100 Nokia phone from a 1993 Ford car in Pecan Plantation.

n 6,161 students were enrolled in GISD, and Micky Shearon, then a school board member, published a guest column titled, “We’re all in this together to provide quality education.”

n Instead of arguing about masks on Facebook, people were arguing about tattoos in letters to the editor.


Sept. 2, 1970

n The U.S. Senate voted not to curb President Nixon’s war powers, NASA cancelled the Apollo 18 and Apollo 19 lunar landing missions, and NBC Sunday News had just replaced The Frank McGee report.

n The front page of the Sept. 3, 1970 Hood County Informer News reported the school population was at an all-time high of 1,123 students, and the Granbury Optimist Club sponsored a water-skiing activity for 26 boys and girls.

n There were 530 veterans in Hood County at the time, 20 of whom served in Vietnam, 350 of whom served in World War II.

n Temple Hall had a news correspondent, and there was a Farm Review and Forecast page that included soil conservation news.


Sept. 1920

n The country was in a post-war recession, AM radio was considered cuttingedge technology and the Fox Trot was considered a racy dance.

n The Granbury News reported there were six baptisms at the Fair View Christian Church.

n Thorp Spring Christian College opened, calling itself a Hood County school for Hood County people. “We don’t care what your religious belief is we want you to attend this standard junior college,” the advertisement read. n Fordson Tractors tout

n Fordson Tractors touted one of their tractors did the work of 8 mules and two men. Postum Cereal Co. claimed, “Those who have used Postum cereal instead of coffee during the past year are sure to be ahead in purse and are quite apt to be ahead in health.” | 817-573-7066



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