A 48-year-old Brownwood man who was convicted last week of sexually abusing a girl over a span of almost eight months — starting when she was 7 years old — will be in prison until he is 96 years old.

On Sept. 14, a Hood County jury convicted John Wesley Breedlove II of the first-degree felony, and sentenced him to 48 years behind bars, according to District Attorney Ryan Sinclair.

Sinclair stated in an email that from on or about June 10, 2018 through Feb. 1, 2019, “Breedlove committed multiple acts of sexual abuse against his girlfriend’s eight-year-old daughter. The abuse started when the child was 7 years old. Breedlove lived out of town, and would come visit his girlfriend on the weekends.

“Breedlove would also watch his girlfriend’s kids while she was working, which is when the abuse occurred. After the child outcried to her mother about what was going on, her mother ended the relationship with Breedlove, stopped all contact between her daughter and Breedlove, and reported the abuse to law enforcement.”

Sinclair stated that Breedlove “will never become eligible for parole. He will be in prison till he is 96 years old.” He noted that the case was investigated by the Child Exploitation Unit in the Hood County District Attorney’s Office.

“District Attorney Ryan Sinclair and Assistant District Attorney Stacey Jewett presented the case to the jury,” the news release states. “The jury heard testimony from the victim, her mother, the investigator, and the sexual assault nurse examiner who examined the victim. The jury also learned that while Breedlove had been abusing his girlfriend’s daughter, he was on felony probation for Assault Family Violence — Occlusion.”

The D.A. added, “I’m proud that this little girl had the courage to speak out and report what this Defendant had been doing to her. This case should serve as a reminder of how adults should encourage kids to speak up when they are abused. This child’s courage helped put a heinous criminal where he belongs: behind bars.”