Sarah Marcantonio

Sarah Marcantonio



Sarah Marcantonio is a sophomore student at Lipan High School whose interests include journalism, playing softball and participating in the local 4-H program.

As students entered the halls the morning of Aug. 18, a look at the new school year was revealed. Though we welcome many new students this semester, we are also proud to greet new teachers to the campus. From cross country to bond construction, the Lipan ISD is foreshadowing a bright future.

The fall semester’s enrollment numbers have risen to a proud 215 in junior high and high school and 233 in elementary. Along with welcoming new students, some of our new teachers are venturing into a new environment as well.

Dr. Ralph Carter, LISD’s superintendent, discussed the status of the bond construction recently. Bids should go out in the next couple of weeks, with notifications in the newspaper and via email due to COVID.

Once the bid tabs come in, a meeting will be held to move forward with the project. “But that’s the first step. Our plans are 100 percent,” Carter said.

He envisions the end goal to appear sometime next fall. However, due to lack of some materials, that is hard to pinpoint. Despite some complications, we are firm in the plans and are pushing to achieve them efficiently.

Junior high and high school cross country teams have entered their course with a steady record for the 2021 school year. Lipan hosted a meet Wednesday, Sept. 15, in which our teams had much success. They had a meet Sept. 22 at Poolville.


Lipan High School is happy to announce the annual start of our fishing team season. This being the third year competing, growth in our teams has doubled. The first tournament was Sept. 18 at Possum Kingdom Lake, where we hope to reel in a team victory.

Lipan ISD is excited to begin the year with such progress in all aspects of our school. We hope to see the community’s support in furthering our growth and achieving our goals.