Roger Deeds

Roger Deeds



Sheriff Roger Deeds began work as a Hood County deputy in 1998, served as volunteer fire marshal, and was named full-time fire marshal in 2003. He was elected sheriff in 2008. With his guidance, the new emergency operations center opened in 2014.


Another school year is upon us but it’s business as usual at the Hood County Sheriff’s Office. We try to stay focused and keep moving forward.

Calls come into our dispatch center and we respond to calls as needed. As my deputies are patrolling, they come across things on the highway, in business areas or residential areas then take action as they need to.

I have been asked if we set up speed traps, and we do not. We try to focus our enforcement as best that we can, but respond to your calls for needed service to keep you safe and secure and that takes up most of the time.

Always remember we are not the Facebook police so if you need help or have a problem call us. We are also not mind readers so the sooner you call the faster we can help. I know people get aggravated when a problem has gone on for days or weeks, so make sure we know what is going on and when it happens. Be the best witness you can be and get the best information you can so we can help and do the best we can to get the needed results. Don’t get mad and don’t try to get even. Call us so we can help.

We need to know what you need so don’t be bashful — call and tell us or ask us. I would rather be proactive to help you so you’re not scammed, hurt or have a big problem. We are here to serve so help us to help you.

Scams are always around. If people would focus on doing good, this world would be a much better place. So if you have any question or concern, call first. Don’t just think it sounds too good to be true and think it’s OK when it’s not OK. In this fast-paced world we live in if you can’t verify it’s true let us help you figure it out.

Like I always have said, please lock your house and any vehicles that are out so you do not become an easy target for crime. This world, including this county, is growing and changing and with pandemics and other disasters close and away from us try not to let it get to you.

Help me to help you keep us in the loop if you need us and be aware of your surroundings. Call us if anything is wrong and out of place. Our work here is to serve and protect and to deal with any criminal activity. Stay safe! | 817-579-3330