Roger Deeds

Roger Deeds



Sheriff Roger Deeds began work as a Hood County deputy in 1998, served as volunteer fire marshal, and was named full-time fire marshal in 2003. He was elected sheriff in 2008. With his guidance, the new emergency operations center opened in 2014.


It has been a very busy summer, keeping the deputies busy making arrests for a bunch of illegal activity, and especially with large amounts of drugs coming into our county.

In three months we have made 16 arrests on larger quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, GHB and THC wax. There has been 295 grams of methamphetamine taken off the streets (a gram is about equal to a package of artificial sweetener, to put it in perspective), plus 1.5 grams of heroin, 57 grams of GHB and 125 grams of THC wax. These are bigger amounts than in the past, when we have gotten people on traffic stops and they had 1 or 2 grams of meth.

We have not seen much heroin over the years but we have had a rise in heroin usage. In the past we have heard about a lot of usage in the big cities but around here it has mainly been meth and marihuana. We have seized 125 grams of THC wax and we have been seeing more of that on the traffic stops and investigations. GHB has been up and down over the last few years.

A number of years ago K2 was big and getting bigger as far as usage and it messed up a bunch of kids that tried it and we had kids paralyzed short-term and others with all kinds of health problems. The problem with all of the drugs is abuse and addiction to start with, and long-term health problems. The fight to take drugs off the streets has been an uphill battle and because of peer pressure, then addiction, it has been never-ending.

So help me with this battle to save our kids, protect our loved ones and pay attention to friends and family members. Get involved with people and help steer them in other directions and keep them away from illegal drugs. Life on that side of things is not fun. It tears friends and families apart. Help me be part of the solution not part of the problem. Being in possession of any of the drugs I have written about is a felony, and that will ruin lives. Call us if we can help get you or someone you know through this problem. | 817-579-3330