Brian Bondy

 Brian Bondy became the new CEO of the Granbury Chamber of Commerce as of April 1, 2021. Most recently, he was president of the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.

Being new to Granbury, I am constantly reminded that doing business locally leaves an impact beyond the numbers, and that paying the lowest prices and getting “free delivery” isn’t always the better deal. 

Let me illustrate my point. During this past holiday season, you didn’t have to look far to see boxes with the Amazon “smile” on doorsteps, front counters, in offices and in homes.  They were literally EVERYWHERE.  And, we heard many news reports that proclaimed the boom in online sales was so good that online sales were going to “save” Christmas.  I get it — the pandemic pushed the envelope, and…online shopping is here to stay, BUT…

When I was a kid, I played Little League baseball (not very well) and our team name was “Keg-N-Beef”!  Yep, our team name was our sponsor’s name — and that sponsor paid the league some of their hard-earned money to have their name on our jerseys.  Call it advertising; call it marketing … it was a local business investing in the local community.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks noticing the support that our schools, athletic organizations, booster clubs and nonprofit organizations get from local businesses.  It’s mind boggling to see the impact of dollars invested by Granbury/Hood County area businesses in stadiums, gymnasiums, band halls, pee wee football leagues, soccer leagues, Little League baseball and countless other youth and adult programs all over our area!

So, as I’ve driven around Granbury over the same couple of weeks, you’ll never guess what I DIDN’T see.  There are no Amazon signs at any of the Granbury, Tolar or Lipan schools’ facilities.  I didn’t see any Wayfair-sponsored soccer jerseys.  I didn’t see a single Apple, Etsy or Ebay Little League sign.  I DID see First National Bank, First Financial Bank, and other banks — along with car dealers, local insurance agents, hometown investment companies, trophy companies, restaurants, real estate offices and more. ALL of them have a presence and commitment to support this community, and the Chamber!

I get it…everyone likes the convenience of point, click and shop. But keep this in mind: the next time your little leaguer needs a team sponsor, Amazon won’t be there

When you shop right here in the Granbury/Hood County area, you’re putting your hard-earned dollars into a queue that trickles down to jobs and multiple parts of the community.  Shopping local isn’t just a good idea — it’s GOOD BUSINESS!

The Granbury Chamber of Commerce is striving to become the premier business organization in our area.  Strong leadership, fiscal responsibility and responsive programming…three great reasons to be a part of the Granbury Chamber of Commerce.