Covid 19

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According to the latest update from Hood County Emergency Management Coordinator Jay Webster, as of Thursday afternoon (Sept. 2) the county had 655 active cases of COVID-19.

Five additional COVID-19 positive deaths occurred since Webster’s previous report one week earlier, bringing the count from 147 to 152.

Thirty-five people are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19. All other active cases have been directed to self-isolate at home.

The Trauma Service Area (TSA) regional hospital rate for confirmed COVID-19 cases is 23.41%, which is 8.41% over the 15% threshold required by the state.

Regionally, there are 52 adult ICU beds available and no pediatric ICU beds available.

All of Lake Granbury Medical Center’s ICU beds are in use.

Among the hospital’s ICU patients, 86% are COVID-19 positive. More than half (51.52%) of LGMC’s capacity is COVID-19 positive.

Hood County remains at high risk of COVID-19 transmission. | 817-579-1886