As evidenced by the plethora of doughnut shops located in Hood County, it’s safe to say that Granburians love their doughnuts.

A popular local favorite is Donut Palace, located at 1709 S. Morgan St., where owners “Oak” and husband Kyutae “Mario” Park have been serving doughnuts and other baked goods to the Hood County area since 2001.

The two most popular items with customers are the Texas loaf and the apple fritter.

“Most of the people come over here because they heard about the Texas loaf or the apple fritter and then they taste another one and they say ‘whoo!’” Oak said. “And as they buy some other doughnuts too, they say, ‘Oh yours is different, much better than other doughnut shops.’ I don't know how (they’re) different than other places, but I guess people notice they're different.”

One aspect that sets Donut Palace apart from most doughnut shops is the fact that everything in their shop is homemade.

"We make everything,” Oak said. “I know that some of our friends, they own a doughnut shop, but they order, you know, like tomatoes and strawberries. They (buy them) already pre-made and in gallons. We make everything, you know, maple, biscuits, chocolate and everything. It's all pretty much homemade. We do the best we can for the customer.”

Donut Palace consistently stays busy. In fact, Oak said they sell at least 350 doughnuts daily — and that’s just the glazed.

“They're the hardest workers you'll ever meet,” said Emily Feemster, who has worked at Donut Palace for a year and a half. “They have very high standards for themselves. Their doughnuts, if it could be better, they're gonna make it better. They put a lot of work and a lot of love into serving their customers the best doughnuts as possible.”

Originally from South Korea, the Parks moved to the United States in the early 1980s and opened their first doughnut shop in Saginaw in 1994.

Before they came to Granbury, they owned three doughnut shops in Saginaw and one in Arlington.

“Granbury was really pretty, small and very homey, so we decided it's a great place to raise the kids and everything,” Oak said.

Oak said she always wanted to come to the United States, ever since she was young and was just learning English.

“It was a dream,” she said. “We love this place, and we are very, very blessed to live in the United States. The land of opportunity, that’s what I like to say. When you are not lazy and work hard, dreams come true. Me coming here is a dream come true.”

Oak said she always tries to listen to what her customers want and ensures that their doughnuts are “the best” and the “right quality.”

"My customer is like my royalty,” she added. “Without them, I can't be here so that's the way we want to make doughnuts.”

The Donut Palace is open from 5 a.m.-noon daily. | 817-573-1243