Some areas in northern Hood County have experienced flooding along Lake Granbury, and more water is coming.

After opening of the third gate at Possum Kingdom Lake’s Morris Sheppard Dam on Monday, the water is expected to reach Lake Granbury between 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on Wednesday.

With the increase of rainfall early this week, the Brazos River Authority opened a third gate at Possum Kingdom Lake, releasing about 28,400 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water.

“If we don’t open the gates and there’s so much water still coming in, we take a chance at the dam failing,” said Judi Pierce, spokesperson for the Brazos River Authority. “Right now, we’re releasing just over 28,000 cubic feet per second to accommodate what’s flowing in. And normally, our goal is to release the same amount that’s coming in, but there’s so much rain right now and so much runoff coming into the lake that we have to do more just to keep it at a full level and not having runoff over the top of the gate.”

As of 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, (June 8) the third gate at Possum Kingdom has been closed. As of 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Possum Kingdom Lake’s Morris Sheppard Dam is now releasing 17,700 cfs of water and Lake Granbury DeCordova Dam is releasing 31,640 cfs of water.

Jay Webster, Hood County’s emergency management coordinator, said that the runoff from Monday will put the Dennis gauge (near Lipan) at almost 25 feet, which is four feet above the moderate flood stage.

Webster said on Monday, he talked to residents living on the lakefront Shoreline Court north of Granbury and told them 24 to 36 hours from then, water would potentially be running into their yard and possibly in some of the houses.

“I talked to my dispatch supervisor and sent out a red alert letting them (residents) know about the flood,” Webster said. “Tuesday morning, the level was touching some of the houses. The main road is still accessible, but I’ve been letting them know it is possible that we ask them to evacuate.”

Webster said although residents at Shoreline Court are already experiencing flooding, they could potentially see more with the water coming in from Possum Kingdom.

“We will still have that wave of water coming, so we still have to worry about getting through the rest of today (Tuesday) and end of tomorrow (Wednesday),” Webster said. “Once that head water clears, we should see it recede.”

He also said that by Thursday afternoon (June 10), the risk of flooding should be greatly diminished.

“We have gone into partnership with Parker County and Red Cross. We have a shelter in case we do have to have some of our citizens evacuate,” he added. “We got (Fire) Station 70 on standby with a boat rescue team and another rescue team just in case. Between my office and Station 70, we’re checking on our residents pretty regularly.” | 817-573-1243