Granbury Theater Academy-group of 4

Mia Currie and Sandy Strittmatter, left and second from left, were recognized at the Junior Theater Festival for their skill as student directors while Micah Chesney, second from right, was named an Outstanding Performer and All-Star Julia Huggins, right, received additional honors as a student choreographer. COURTESY: MICKY SHEARON

Granbury Theatre Academy students recently earned honors at the Junior Theater Festival, billed as the world’s biggest and most renowned celebration of young people performing in musical theater.

Twenty-six GTA students attended the three-day event in Atlanta, Georgia, under the leadership of academy director Matt Beutner, choreographer Lena Moralez, and stage manager Whitney Shearon.

Granbury Theatre Academy-Group of 2

Julia Huggins, left, and Hannah Baker were named All-Stars at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.