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  • Granbury Volunteer Fire Department prepared to assist with COVID-19

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department prepared to assist with COVID-19

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What is the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department doing to be prepared for COVID-19?

As an emergency services organization, Granbury VFD has a well-established communication with City Manager Chris Coffman and Assistant City Manager Michael Ross.

When the first case was reported in the USA, Granbury VFD in conjunction with the city of Granbury started reviewing our policies, response procedures and started preparation for how COVID-19 would affect not only Granbury but Hood County as well.

In the following days, we have also been in constant communication with Texas EMS Director Rickey Reeves, Hood County Public Health Director Dr. David Blocker, Hood County Fire Marshal Jeff Young and all eight fire departments.

Communication and being proactive have been essential for our preparedness plans. All of these organizations are working to protect, treat and contain any patients with COVID-19, all while still providing other emergency services not related to COVID-19.

What are we doing different?

As a volunteer organization, our structure and response will be different from that of a career fire department with paid responders. We have in place response protocols, crew protocols, and exposure and containment protocols.

The Granbury VFD crews have been trained and informed about on-scene safety, all while still being able to treat the patient. Multiple layers of safety have been discussed, considered and applied to treat patients with the highest level of care possible.

Will there be any less crews available to respond to a non-COVID-19 emergency?

COVID-19 and the possible exposure is where our crews have to take the highest level of safety and exposure precautions. We are limiting the amount of firefighters on COVID-19 exposures so that we do not create a chain reaction exposure throughout our department. For all other emergency services provided, the fire trucks will be responding with the standard number of fire crews.

Is the current crisis affecting volunteer FD services?

There is no change to any services we provide or any emergency we respond to other than our response to a possible COVID-19 medical call. We also are conforming to the recommended distancing of personnel when we are at the station or on scene as appropriate.

What do you do if you cannot find hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, Lysol and other disinfectants?

Following federal guidelines, state guidelines, Hood County guidelines and city of Granbury guidelines are crucial to personal safety and limiting exposure.

But people do have to go out and get medication or food from a store. When you go out, maintaining good personal hygiene, being courteous to others around you, maintaining distance between people and thoroughly washing your hands will go a long way for helping to protect yourself and others around you.

What do you do if you have a question about COVID-19 or what to do if you have had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect you may have COVID-19?

For people who do not have Internet access you can call 211 or toll free (877)541- 7905. This is a special phone number dedicated to COVID-19 health concerns and questions.

There are multiple places to get information on the Internet including the CDC website, Texas State Department of Health and the State of Texas website ( All the sites provide good information on actions, precautions and concerns about COVID-19.

If you suspect you orsomeone else has been infected and need medical attention call your primary physician and follow their direction.

If you feel this is an emergency call 911 and be sure to tell the dispatch personnel you suspect COVID-19.

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department in combination with the other eight volunteer fire departments of Hood County are committed to serving our community and we will continue to do that through this current health crisis.

We are in this with you and know that many people have concerns at this time.

We will continue to provide all services and at the highest level expected by our community.

‘Multiple layers of safety have been discussed, considered and applied to treat patients with the highest level of care possible.’



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