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Friday, May 31, 2019


Alabama abortion ban protesters need to change their signs from “my body, my choice” to “my baby, my choice.”

Since Roe V. Wade, in 1973 65 million mothers have executed their own baby for the unspeakable crime of being inconvenient. Ten times the executions during the Holocaust!

Time to call a spade a spade.

Tom Harris



What an awesome weekend to be an American, veteran, patriot, or just someone who cares about America to have been in Granbury this past Memorial Day weekend.

From the opening ceremonies at Memorial Lane, with the Sons of The American Revolution guarding the Memorials. Guest speakers including a Marine veteran, the mayor and others. Brayton Mitchell singing God Bless America. All this in an area set up and maintained by the Friends of Memorial Lane.

Then the Memorial march from Memorial Lane to the square for more activities, followed by the ruck march led by Chaplain Doug Pruitt from the square all the way to the Field of Flags on Highway


What an amazing feeling to walk through the Field of Flags that honors all who gave their life protecting the freedoms we enjoy today.

When I enlisted in the Marines I was told I had just signed a blank check in a amount up to and including my life to be a Marine. I am so proud of my service to our country, but more important to be an American living in Granbury, Texas. A community that respects and supports the veterans. God Bless America.

P.S. If you have not visited Memorial Lane you are missing a one of a kind Memorial that honors veterans, firefighters, police and first responders. There is no other memorial anywhere that does that. Julia Pannell and her team does a great job 365 days a year. Located about 200 yards past the library on Travis Street.

Con Shuck



Relay for Life Hood County gives our heartfelt thanks for your paper’s support of our event this past May 4th.

Your generosity in coverage of our “fight against cancer” greatly assisted in this year’s success, both in participation and in fundraising.

The Hood County News supports our many non-profits in Hood County with announcements, event pictures and stories. This dedication in giving us support is vital to our continued efforts to assist each other for a better community.

Lindsey Swilley

Relay for Life Event Chair

Beth Luton

Publicity Chair

Gene Goodell

Team Recruitment Chair


Who fits this?

Pride, as in inability to acknowledge ever being wrong.

Greed, a reason for wanting more and more and more.

Lust, which requires no explanation.

Gluttony, an obsession with junk food.

Sloth, as in too lazy to walk, preferring to ride, or altogether avoiding anything other than riding a golf cart.

Envy, declaring, incorrectly, that his inauguration was bigger than his predecessor’s, and his determination to destroy his predecessor’s accomplishments.

Wrath, screaming at staff if they don’t jump high enough or with enough loyalty.

Who, indeed?

LaCelle Powell Howard



Lap~Lap~Lap ... the sounds of the microscopic waves swooshing underneath the dock. Vroom was heard off in the distance. A second vroom, then, a third. Boats of many colors appeared carrying their young athletes. Lessons were heard from the coaches aboard.

They had a death grip on the ski rope as the engines roared and off they went. Up and down, over the wake, through the wake and under the wake – swallowing much of the lake. Balance and timing and sheer will – the key to staying on top of the water.

As I watched these guys, I noticed something peculiar. No one was skiing. Not a slalom skier in the bunch. At a closer glance, they were balancing on what looked like miniature surfboards.

The boats crept along while these balancing acts, barely three feet behind the boat, created the effect of slow motion.

I remember my skiing days like it was yesterday. Getting up on two was a breeze. Getting up on one was another story altogether.

I learned a valuable trick early on ... a two handle ski rope that allowed the single ski to aim straight head, instead of waving all over the place waiting for the driver to goose it.

Watching today’s athletes reminded me of how things have changed over the years. Most of my skiing buddies are no longer with us and the one who was a Callaway Gardens slalom champ in the late 1960s ... well, his magic ski hangs in a special place as he watches the new generation of skiers from his deck.

A time for honoring our absent friends ... we remember.

L F Postero




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