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Saturday, November 9, 2019


Our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Hood County volunteer fire department and EMS for their quick response to a medical emergency in Sandy Beach on Sunday, Oct. 27.

Was really surprised at how quick they arrived and got the situation in hand. Their dedication and professionalism are one more reason to call the Granbury/Acton area home.

Thanks guys.

George and Jenay Schaefer



In the Nov. 2 edition there is mentioned concern that the sheriff’s office’s lead investigator is not taking the family of the missing woman seriously.

I can personally attest that my family has had three occasions where the “lead investigator” did little or nothing to actually, you know, investigate.

The first time, my son’s house was burglarized and the crook stole a gun, but not before discharging into the floor. (That same morning an acquaintance came to my grandson, who was across the street, and asked if he had heard a gunshot.) We advised the “investigator” of this person, and nothing came of it.

The second time, my son was burglarized and the thieves took all of his stereo equipment. Again, we had a strong suspicion of who told them about his expensive equipment, and nothing was done, other than a perfunctory questioning the next day when one of the persons returned to get the turntable they had left behind, who had a car in the vicinity and had a Fort Worth address.

The third time, my brother’s roommate accused him of choking her the day after he told her to move out. He was arrested and she wiped him out of everything, including family heirlooms. The “lead investigator” did nothing.

I am convinced some of these officers of the law are here to get experience before moving on to bigger cities and busier counties, marking time without actually doing anything.

LaCelle Powell Howard



It all began way back in the mid-1800s, when going rogue was not considered cool.

Andrew Johnson seemed to go off the rails believing that a sitting President was above the law. Turns out, he was mistaken.

There’s a whole laundry list of elected folks that have had the same notion. It was only that “Constitutional two-thirds super majority” business that prevented them from being ousted.

I was not around during the mid-1800s, but it seems to me some of these folks should have taken a few moments to peruse the Constitution prior to running for office, if only to refresh the rules in their minds.

Yessirree ... there are rules. We are all expected to abide by them, especially those held to a higher standard. And yet, here we are today, facing similar issues.

Whether it’s the obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress from the 70s or the perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice from the 90s ... these are still bad examples of our political professionals.

I am reminded that it is our responsibility to question our leaders. Is it too much to ask that they respect the American people enough to be a decent person representing our nation?

Yes, I remember the old joke: How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

What will it take to have responsible people in office? Please let me know so I can be there when it happens. Until then, going rogue will continue as the norm.

L F Postero



Just wanted to let you know that I fully support Sheriff Deeds in his actions in dealing with your newspaper. When you pull your head out of the sand you will realize that the social media reaches a lot more people than your paper.

Your article about Jenn Pautenis was good except for your printing of Daisy New-house’s statement that Hood County has corruption and is not safe area. You quoted Daisy Newhouse who is under extreme distress due to the lack of knowing where her sister is.

Show me a county that does not have corruption and I will move there. I have lived here 12 years and have yet to feel unsafe. Your jab at the sheriff’s office was totally unnecessary and I am sure this is not helping the family in any way.

Your Editorial is borderline laughable, you are relying on a former deputy to say the department is 20 years behind the times. I am sure that you will inform the Metroplex news of how badly you are being mistreated.

Sadly the three (3) of you are nothing but left wingers. It would be nice to be able to read a more balanced newspaper.

I lived in a town and county for over 25 years that was approximately 1/3 the size of Hood County. That newspaper had more news about the goings on in the county than you can only dream of.

I am not cancelling my subscription as as I to know what my enemies are thinking and doing.

Charles Cunningham



Joy: Young love’s first kiss. Baby’s first smile. In all the earth, joy is today’s feast and tomorrow’s remembrance.

Joy, peace and love live eternally in our heart, not dependent on events past or future. Peace and joy are obstructed by fear and anxiety of darker times. Let these go.

Be grateful to be alive, connected to the universe and to God. Find joy in this moment. Love will surround you always and you will be blessed with a life well lived.

Len Moore



This political situation in DC is getting totally out of hand. The “spendacrats” are trying so hard and spending so much time trying to impeach our president that nothing is getting accomplished in Washington.

Those not there are on the campaign trail bad mouthing Trump. There is no doubt that the best president since JFK will be re-elected and we will be putting up with the never Trumpers for four more years.

If the spendacrats don’t believe that just look at what he has accomplished in only three years. I am starting to believe they are mad because the changes made were not their idea.

The latest idea now is candidate Warren wants her idea of Medicare for all at a cost of 62 trillion dollars as her best idea to get elected. WOW that’s a good one. American taxpayers will really like that one.

Con Shuck



I am writing in response to your recent diatribe(s) against our elected sheriff.

As you should be aware, most Americans ... and virtually all conservatives, have very little use for the fifth estate. Although the Washington Post and the New York Times you’re not, your staff writer likes to think that she is a part of the mostly liberal national news media.

Having worked as a federal investigator in the past, I am aware that the press is no friend of law enforcement. In my experience, newspapers do far more harm than good to most investigations. You report rumors and half truths, leak details that should not have been reported, fabricate information and sensationalize everything.

The fact that the Hood County News is a left leaning paper in a predominately right wing county does not lend to your creditability. If you were to take an impartial poll in Hood County, you would find that Sheriff Deeds is very popular and well supported. Your paper is neither.

R.C. Emm



In recent days, I have been contacting all of my family, friends, acquaintances and even a few people who don’t like me very well about a very serious problem that has come up.

For the last few months I have been following Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy for President of the United States.

She has proposed so many fine and great programs to help our country out of dilemma on health care, immigrants and funding for programs which have not been funded adequately.

For that reason, I am dedicating all of the money I receive in the next three months from playing Monopoly and sending all of it to Sen. Warren. She will be able to use the Monopoly Money any way she wishes.

Norm Albertson



I’m disappointed to see our non-partisan school board election won by a partisan campaign.

We are all familiar with partisan voting, where we usually see a matchup of political parties with the candidates shackled, as it were, to their individual party’s ideology.

While the national or state party platforms can help inform voters at that level, we can argue they lose their effectiveness at the local level. Where do the local Republicans stand on pothole-fixing? How about the Democratic position on the football field lights?

I want to know how my local candidate will approach utility impact fees, garbage pickup and after-school programs. I don’t care about their views on Iran or Medicare-For-All. Those issues are above their paygrade.

This is where non-partisanship comes into play; which candidate is going to be the most responsive to our community AND work well with others throughout our local government. Results matter at the local level. If the person can’t get the potholes fixed, they need to go.

Non-partisan elections are most often held for municipal, county offices and school boards. In some non-partisan elections it is common knowledge which candidates are members of and backed by which parties; in others, parties are almost wholly uninvolved and voters make choices with little or no regard to partisan considerations.

If past success is any measure, Granbury has among the most effective city councils in North Texas, and our high school ranks in the top 30% of Texas high schools. Just one look at the Gran-bury Square and our tourist business tells us we are doing plenty of things well.

Considering the responsibilities of local officials and the number of voters who think of themselves as independents, it’s appropriate to take a break from the agenda-driven politics of the national parties. Let’s focus on local issues and candidates, without requiring a candidate to “toe the party line.”

I hope that the partisanship of this past campaign is an aberration, and that in future elections we will consciously depart from the tribalism of national politics. Let’s return to considering each individual running for a non-partisan office independent of political logos, and vote the person best suited for the job.

Charles Stonick




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