Tri-Lakes Tackle Town

TRI-LAKES TACKLE TOWN: Granbury's Kyle Hall is a touring professional angler who has brought his knowledge and expertise to his bait and tackle store.

Kyle Hall is living the life most guys can only dream.

Hall is chameleon-like as a professional angler when he walks into Tri-Lakes Tackle Town to greet managers, Dan Woods and Bucky Brown. He's the "kid" in the room, and he as the owner of Granbury's new bait and tackle store – he's also the boss.


MLF ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Kyle Hall is the reigning MLF Rookie of the Year and is currently in the top ten.

OPEN: Tri-Lakes Tackle Town

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Regardless of an angler's skill level, Tri-Lakes Tackle Town is ready to help them catch more fish.


MOTIVATED: The wall of Kyle Hall's office has plenty of inspirational thoughts and comments that he uses in both of his careers.

TRI-LAKES TACKLE TOWN: They got minnows and worms!

MINNOWS: Tri-Lakes Tackle Town has the basics like minnows and they've got equipment used by professionals too.