Boat docks at city beach

Upon advice from the Brazos River Authority, the city is tweaking its plans for an expanded deck and boat slips behind the Lake Granbury Conference Center (LGCC) – a project that is expected to be a boon for tourism because outdoor concerts, festivals and other events can be held there.

The tweaking involves the boat docks.

The city still intends to build them, but they won’t be directly behind the LGCC and the Hilton Garden Inn as originally planned. Instead, they will be constructed off an existing parking lot on the other side of City Beach Park.

City Beach Park is just to the west of the LGCC.

The reason for the change is because of debris associated with heavy rains and the “washboard effect” on parked boats in slips from nearby boat traffic on the lake. It was determined that this would be mitigated by moving the boat docks a short distance to the west.

Those who utilize the dozen boat slips will be closer to the square and will be able to easily access the expanded deck area by walking across the elevated boardwalk that protects City Beach swimmers from boats.

The City Council approved the $3 million project with the justification that the city’s excellent credit rating had saved about that much on other projects. Also, tourism is considered the city’s main industry.

Granbury Public Information Officer Alex Southern said that the city is working with architectural firm PGAL on the changes.

He said that city officials do not yet know when the project might get underway. |