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Men lose their pants and watches while sleeping

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

One of the boldest burglaries ever noted in Granbury occurred on Wednesday night of last week.

Parties entered the sleeping room of Ed Doyle and John Tandy, next door to The News office, while the boys were asleep, stole their pants and watches, also about $15 cash.

The door and window were open and the theft was not discovered until next morning.

However, officers begun working for a clue, and pretty soon Ben Anderson put them on the track, he having noticed two suspicious characters at Mr.Tilley’s place arranging to be taken to Cresson, as he came by that morning.

Ed and John (unreadable) their bicycles and mounted pursuit. Reaching Cresson they soon located their men, both of whom had been seen the night before in Granbury, and watched them until a search warrant could be secured.

In the meantime the thieves were suspicious of being watched, and threw away the stolen watches.

Ed Doyle had, however discovered that one of them had in his pocket a bicycle whistle belonged to Tandy, so Ed and John, assisted by Joe Shelton, arrested their men and took them before Justice Tipton, where they were searched and the whistle found, as well as a pistol on one of them. Pants were found in the rear of W. Webster’s store.

The watches were fully identified as having been stolen at (unreadable) and the pistol was probably stolen at the same place.

The parties give their names as GW Hard-tac Wright and John Strickland from Brownwood. Wright is said to be an old offender, but Strickland is new at the business and after being arrested confessed to the theft.

Both were rendered to jail., Wright’s bond having been fixed at $1,500 and Strickland at $1,000. Strickland’s father came in on Tuesday and made bond for his son, taking him home.

Deputy Sheriff Sandlin deserves credit for activity in working up the case.

Courtesy of the Hood County Historical/Genealogical Society



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