DISTRICT WIN: Baili Deaver and Shylar Nunley steal the ball. 

TOLAR — Tolar’s Lady Rattlers struck fast and often, and their defense kept a stranglehold on Ranger Friday night as they swamped the Lady Bulldogs 58-10 in District 11-2A basketball action.

Tolar coach Michael Hall’s focus was hampering Ranger’s scoring, and his Lady Rattlers (19-5, 4-0) followed the game plan by shutting out the Lady Bulldogs through the first two quarters.

“We came in and wanted to have a disciplined game and try to clean up some things that we noticed haven’t been to our standards offensively and defensively,” Hall said. “Of course, that’s our focus every night – playing up to our expectations. There are still some things that we need to work on.”

The defense wasn’t a problem, and on offense, Baili Deaver, Haylee Burt, Senne Imel, Reagan Chandler, and Eva LeCluyse rolled up a 21-0 first quarter.

Hall backed off a little in the second quarter as the focus fell on keeping a goose-egg on Ranger’s side of the scoreboard, and Ranger still had no answer for Tolar’s defense and went scoreless in the first half.

“We were fortunate to be in a situation where we had the opportunity to get everyone some good minutes tonight,” Hall said. “That’s always a plus, and it helps with confidence and team chemistry.”

Deaver was the game’s high scorer as she netted 17 points while Burt scored 13, Imel 10, LeCluyse 10 and Trinity Rousseau 4.

“We work on the same things every day. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is or the score. The girls earn their time on the court with their hard work,” Hall said. “The reward is them getting out there and playing.” | 817-573-7066 ext. 231