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  • When it comes to change, be the egg

When it comes to change, be the egg

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

We live in a world of hashtags and tweets. Trending is now the coveted display of brand popularity, replacing catchy jingles.

When I entered the workforce back in the 90’s, there was a template for everything.

Business books graced the shelves of managers and those of us wanting to climb the corporate ladder. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” provided the blueprints to success in nearly every industry.

Welcome to 2020.

For brevity’s sake, we’ll skip the world-changing internet-launch era and shoot straight into the first pandemic in 100-plus years. In January, our business climate was booming, steaming full speed ahead, and then came March.

“Pivot!” they said. “You’ve got to change NOW!” experts claimed. COVID changed everything instantly.

In the best-selling book by Jim Collins, “Good to Great,” Collins gives us an example of how change doesn’t happen, illustrated by an egg.

On the outside, everyone sees a simple, boring egg that literally sits there, doing nothing, until one game-changing day, the shell cracks and voila – out pops a chicken!

The miraculous moment is captured by major media with flashy headlines: “Stunning Turnaround at Egg!” and “The Chick Who Led the Breakthrough at Egg!” Collins notes, from the outside, the story looks like an “overnight sensation.”

Seeing it through the chicken’s eyes, while the world was unimpressed by his lack of flash, he was actually developing, growing and changing inside the egg. The moment he cracked the shell, his stunning breakthrough (pun intended) was really just one more step of many that got him to his “overnight success.”

Change can happen overnight – preparing for change doesn’t.

Closing out the third quarter, businesses must continue to prepare for change. Here are a few steps the Granbury Chamber of Commerce recommends:

■ Assess current cash flow and prepare for possible lending needs.

■ Assess your e-commerce platform. If you’re not currently selling online, begin that process.

■ Assess your website and social media platforms. Is there a “call-to-action” throughout your site? Does your social media create an urge to buy?

■ Align yourself with successful business mentors and seek opportunities to learn and grow.

This month, the Chamber will finish our seven-part series, “Third Quarter Huddle – Get Ready for the Fourth Quarter Hustle,” with amazing panelists.

Eric Wilkins, owner of GreenFox Marketing, and Dr. Jennifer Edwards, communications professor with Tarleton State University, join us on the 15th, sharing how to maximize your social media and website presence. Both have helped numerous Hood County business owners grow their operations.

On the 29th, Rhett Keisler, founder of Revolver Brewing, and Gordon Bond, owner of Bond Arms, will give us insight on how they transitioned from local Hood County businesses to serving customers across the globe. To register, visit

Change is inevitable. Be the egg. Start preparing and take the steps necessary for your amazing breakthrough, today. | 817-573-1622



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