Bryan Bufkin

Bryan Bufkin



Bryan Bufkin is the 355th Judicial District Court judge in Hood County, appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott. He had been a partner at Bufkin & Adams, PLLC and served as an assistant district attorney for Johnson and Somervell counties. Bufkin grew up in Granbury and went to school here through high school graduation.  He received a bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of Texas-Arlington, and a juris doctor degree from Baylor Law School. He and his wife, Rachael, are raising four sons.

Welcome to my first monthly column in the Hood County News.

This being the first one, it is only proper to introduce myself. I am your district judge of the 355th District Court. After being appointed by Gov. Abbott in June, I took the bench in July. Since then, we have had civil and criminal jury trials as well as trials to the judge. Justice delayed is justice denied, so we have been working hard to ensure timely resolution of all matters pending before the court.

It is an interesting undertaking to introduce myself to a community in which I have lived since birth. Other than moving away for a few years to attend college, law school, and begin my legal career, I have lived here my entire life.

Some readers may know me from when I attended Granbury schools from kindergarten through high school graduation. You may recall three schools I went to that no longer exist: Granbury Elementary School, Granbury Intermediate School, and Meadows Middle School.

You may remember me from working at places like Mr. Gattis, Rinky Tinks, or Lake Country Furniture. These were some great local businesses that have since closed.

You might have seen me working as a yard hand at Norman’s Lumber, which has also since closed, when I was 16 years old. I may have helped pull a load of lumber that went into your house or business. As fate would have it, the Justice Center is located where Norman’s Lumber was, so where I now sit as judge is the exact place where I used to pull loads of lumber.

You may know me from my community involvement as an adult – from coaching little league sports, to volunteering for nonprofits. You could have met me at Lakeside Baptist Church, where I am an active member. I was baptized there as a boy, and I have been blessed to baptize my two oldest boys there. Train up a child in the way he should go, indeed.

You might know my family. My wife, Rachael, teaches at Acton Elementary – the same school she attended. We went to the senior prom together at Granbury High School, and we’ve been together ever since. My mom, Lisa, has lived here for years along with my dad, Steve, until he passed away a few years back. My brother, Matt, and his family live here. My sister, Bridget, grew up here and now lives in Dallas.  You might have encountered one of the seven Bufkin boys being raised in this community (four for me and three for my brother).

Perhaps this is your first introduction to me. I hope it comes across in these words how much I love this community. It’s an honor to now be known as district judge.

A few words on my judicial philosophy: I believe in strictly interpreting the law and Constitution as written, treating all parties fairly and impartially, and running an efficient court.

Until next time, this column will be in recess.