It would not do for us all to like the same things


Sam Houston is the publisher of the Hood County News. He is also an actor, author, playwright, performer and entertainment producer/promoter.

As I write today’s column, the temperature is falling, the wind is picking up from the north, and the talk all over town is how an arctic blast is bringing us weather that is considerably cooler than our norm.

I just got off the phone with a woman who had moved to Granbury from Wisconsin who advised she “enjoyed” the cold! She explained that as a child she and her friends would play outside for hours in the sub-freezing temperatures and indicated she was excited about an arctic blast coming to Texas. She loved the cold weather!

As I listened, all I could do was hang my head in disbelief. I am simply not a cold weather person and have a tough time understanding how anyone enjoys it.

Once, I worked for several months in Alpena, Michigan. For those of you geographically challenged, Alpena is located nearly 100 miles north of Detroit and on the banks of Lake Huron.

Some 20-odd years ago I had the displeasure to be there in December and January. I was miserable! It snowed almost every day and when one looked toward Lake Huron, it was frozen for a mile out from shore.

I resorted to wearing flannel shirts, wool socks, long johns, mittens, scarves, the thickest coat I could find, and snow boots that made me feel like the Michelin tire man! Yet, there was little relief from my misery.

As I moaned and groaned to the locals and expressed my contempt for the bitter temperatures, they would reply with a smile and explain there were many fun outdoor winter activities to engage in during cold weather, like ice fishing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. I assure you none of those “cold” events seemed like something I needed to participate in unless they would bring them indoors in front of a fireplace!

After a little more than a month in that frozen nightmare, I threw up my hands, loaded my truck and headed home, hoping thereafter to never be compelled to bring out from storage my “deep cold clothes.” To this day I cannot think about Alpena and not get a cold shiver up and down my spine!

My idea of winter is one day of 72! I like it warm, maybe even hot! When I worked on the ranch and we would bale hay, the heat never seemed to wear me out or make me miserable. It was something I enjoyed and made me feel good.

It makes me wonder if those cold weather folks up in Michigan would be so cheery if they were in Hood county when it was 106? Perhaps there is a reason those Michiganders live where they do, and I live here in Granbury.

Perhaps, both sides are happy about their choice of where to live and what weather pleases them. Could be there is no sense in trying to convince one side they are wrong, and the other side is correct. Both sides of the equation can make a choice for themselves as to what is best.

Maybe cold weather fans and warm weather fans could give our politicians in Washington a lesson. In America it is OK to see things differently, to disagree, to have the freedom to choose which is best for you and let the other fella live to enjoy how he wants to live his life. It is what makes America a special place. Wish those folks up in Washington would remember that.

It just would not do for us all to like the same exact thing, now would it?

Thought for day: Remember, you are absolutely unique, just like everybody else!

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