Mike Acosta


As a licensed professional fishing guide, Michael Acosta shows you how to find them. A Granbury resident of more than 35 years, he has been fishing all of his life, and has been a licensed guide since 1998.

It has been really hot for quite a while, and according to the weather forecast, it will continue for some time to come. Some species are more stressed by the heat than others, but these fish still have to feed to survive. The fun part of this season is that when the fish do feed, they are generally willing to chase (active movement). Today’s discussion is just a fishing report for those trying to pattern these summertime fish.

Lake Granbury fishing continues to be fair to good for many species if you can locate them. Many folks are having a hard time catching fish in this hot weather especially during the day. There are fish to catch – just try to get on them real early if at all possible. The thermocline is between 15 and 20 feet, so you need to be focused on those depths or shallower.

Last week, the striped bass and sand bass fishing was better in the morning, very early. Stripers were good on live bait in 14-21 feet of water with your baits put down to 12-14 feet. Trollers are also catching fish on deep-diving crankbaits, trailed by a pet spoon or jigs. Down-rigging is also popular this time of the year as the fish are willing to chase.

Sand bass are congregating on baitfish on structure and flats in 8-16 feet of water. You may notice some surface action or you might find them boiling on the bait. Work those areas by bouncing spinners or slabs off the bottom, and you will get bit. Vary your presentation, but generally you may need to impart a lot of action to draw the strike.

Lake Granbury crappie action has been tremendous mid-lake on jigs and small minnow. Work timber or bridge pilings near deeper water.

When this article is published, the quarter moon will be overhead — which makes the early and late bite the predicted times. Nothing is guaranteed, but without any other weather influence, there is truth to the predicted feeding times.

The shallow water bite in the heat of the day is tough. Water temperatures in the backs of sloughs are in the 90s and typically the fish and the bait move out toward deeper water where it is a tad bit cooler. Later in the evening, the bait and fish may make the trek back shallow.


Black bass on Lake Granbury continue to hold near shaded structure after their morning feed. Lake Granbury has an abundance of shad, but there is also an abundance of bream. Catching these smaller breams make good bait for striped bass, catfish, black bass and sand bass as well. These bream are holding in submerged brush, and the black bass will follow. You may want to choose your artificial colors to mimic bream/sunfish.


On other reservoirs, Lake Whitney striped bass action has been tremendous with huge schools schooling on the surface from the state park to Bee Bluffs.

Possum Kingdom Lake action is also good with some really big fish to near 20 pounds being caught on live bait fished in the tops of trees mid-lake near Hells Gate to the dam.

Hopefully you can get out early and enjoy the action. Take plenty of fluids and sun block. Hopefully, the heat wave will break and give the fish some relief (we could use the relief as well).

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