Teena Putteett Conway

Teena Putteett Conway



Cresson Mayor Teena Putteet Conway, a native of Cresson, attended school for two years in the historic Cresson school. She is a Granbury High School graduate, and earned a BBA from Baylor University. After marrying, then raising her family in the Metroplex, she returned to Cresson after 40 years.


When I was growing up in Cresson, the only talk around the railroad was whenever someone would attempt to beat the train and end up in a disaster. I have no recollection of ever waiting on the train to allow passageway to either Fort Worth or Granbury. More recently I have sat at the tracks for up to 45 minutes, so I share in the commuters’ pain!

Now it’s important to keep in mind that way back in the day, my parents also sent me on my bicycle to cross over Highway 377 to go to our local grocery store. My assignment was usually to get staples such as milk and bread. The coolest memory is that we were able to put in my Daddy’s bill.

When I moved back to Cresson four years ago, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of fuss about the Cresson train and how it holds up commuters. Then, I learned that the train is famous with its own social media page on Facebook. It’s called ‘Stuck at the Cresson Train.’  I was at a restaurant in Arlington recently and overheard the patrons discussing our train over lunch!

In a recent Granbury Chamber of Commerce Interlocal meeting, David Fowler from TXDOT shared that the latest prediction on the complete date is around the end of 2023. While this sounds like a long time to wait, TXDOT working with the contractor, Zachary, has made many strides, even with managing some surprises within the project. Zachary was able to shift parts inside of the overall project to keep things moving.


Changing subjects, we lost a longtime Granbury friend, Jean Meyer. I grew up with her son, Craig, and his parents were friends with my parents for many years. Jean, in her later years, moved to Waterview at the Cove. Whenever I would see her while visiting my mom, she never failed to tell me that she enjoyed reading my columns in the Hood County News. Sometimes, it is the little kindness shown to others that can really make someone’s day. Jean will be missed by many.


As we approach the holidays, the city of Cresson wants to share that we will be for the first time hosting a Christmas tree lighting right at Highway 377 and South Crook. Santa will be there for the children, and I have heard there will be cookies, too! We are honored to host Santa inside of the Diana Jones Memorial Training Center along with our Cresson Volunteer Fire Department.

Phyllis DeRoos, pianist, and choir director from the local Cresson United Methodist Church, will be presenting some of your favorite Christmas carols sung by the choir. Feel free to join us for some good old-fashioned fun while we welcome in the spirit of Christmastime! Mark your calendars for Dec. 5, at 4 p.m.