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Pam Knieper, Broker/Owner of Knieper Real Estate, is and has been the #1 Top Producer for more than 15 years in Hood County and running. She is known as the Waterfront Expert and the Authority on Real Estate.


Happy Halloween! Here’s hoping everyone has fun and safe plans for this weekend, and what a great time to have some fun talking about superstitions and how they could potentially impact the sale of your home. 

Believe it or not, a recently released survey from LendingTree revealed that more than 38% of Americans confess to having decided against buying a home because of some sort of superstition. The study went on to show that: 39% of homeowners refuse to live next to a cemetery; 32% would not buy a home with an unlucky street number; 43% say they have at least one deal breaker related to the home’s feng shui; 43% of survey respondents who reported being previous home sellers said they’ve had difficulties selling their home due to superstitious buyers.

So, for all you home sellers, here are some fun and fanciful tips for your consideration snatched from the pages of old wives’ tales and long held traditions.



Right in line with this spooky weekend is the belief that some people are more attracted to houses with blue porches because blue represents water that ghosts and spirits are not able to cross to get into a home.



St. Joseph, known as the Patron Saint of Fathers, Families, and Workers, is also believed by some to aid in the successful sale of homes.  When planning to sell, followers of this tradition recommend you bury a statue of St. Joseph next to the For Sale sign. Then wait for him to do his work.  



A custom that originated in the Philippines, it is believed that scattering coins when trying to sell a house can increase your chances of getting your asking price, and that placing coins under your doormat is a general invitation to wealth entering your home. Who knows, perhaps before lowering your asking price again, try a few strategically placed coins throughout the home and see what happens? 



Does your street address start with 666? If so, that could be a problem! LOL! But, the numbers 13 and 4 could also be scaring some superstitious buyers away.  However, if you have the number 8 in your address you may be in luck. Believed by some to bring wealth and prosperity, some buyers will only buy a house that has a correlation with the number 8.



While Feng Shui focuses on bringing positive energy into a space, smudging focuses on erasing bad energy. This ancient practice exists in many cultures and consists of burning white sage to rid a home you are trying to sell of any negative energy. It is believed this will make the space more inviting to prospective buyers. 

Certainly, the smart money is on intelligent pricing, good staging, and most importantly choosing the right REALTOR®, but who among us couldn’t use a little extra luck occasionally? As always, please give us a call at 817-219-0456 if you have any questions about buying or selling or visit us online at | 817-219-0456