In regards to the recent article “County leaders seek clarity on ballots,” please accept my appreciation for the coverage of the recent Hood County Commissioners Court during which a heated “debate” engaged.

I am appalled at the continued attacks on our Elections Administrator, Michele Carew, especially by Mr. Dave Eagle. I simply do not understand his motivation for attacking Ms. Carew when there is absolutely no evidence of any discrepancies in any of our previous elections.

For the last November election I was invited to serve as one of the workers to examine the mail-in ballots for any discrepancy in signatures and any other possible errors. An equal number of Republicans and Democrats was required at all times with the examination of every ballot.

I was impressed with the process as it was explained and carried out by Ms. Carew. Not only was she nothing but professional and precise but those with whom I had the privilege of working did the job with care, conscientiousness and cooperation.  And ... I had absolutely no idea whether Ms. Carew was a Republican or a Democrat.  It did not come up nor did it even matter.


Dave Treat