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  • Springtime topwater action

Springtime topwater action

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Catching largemouth, striped or hybrid striped bass – or for that matter any species on top water – is probably the most exciting action one can experience.

Being able to watch a big fish slam or chase your presentation will really get your heart moving.

Water temperatures are quickly rising into the 60s, and generally this is the trigger for more consistent topwater action. Warming temperatures on the surface lure baitfish up shallower and the predators are not far behind.

Catching largemouth bass on top is desired by many. Frogs, crankbaits and topwater plugs are some of the many lures used to catch these fish on top. There may be numerous smaller fish feeding on top, but on occasion you will run into a group of larger fish (which of course is what we are really looking for).

The larger the predator, the bigger the water movement will be when the predator swirls or explodes on the topwater presentation. If they are feeding on top, you can potentially see and hear the action.

A large striped bass will make an impressive splash when feeding shallow.

If there are only small fish on the surface don’t forget to check below them for larger fish. Even though we are talking about topwater here, it never hurts to fish below the surface action to see if you can trigger some larger fish to bite.

Overcast days are generally known as the best for topwater action as the fish may stay up longer. Striped bass generally will go deeper when the sun comes up. If it is not overcast, an early or late topwater feed is generally your best chance.

When working your bait, vary the retrieve until you find what works best. If you do have a fish swirl on your bait, try slowing down or even stopping it to get that bite. Other days a constant retrieve may work best depending on what bait you are using.

On a calm day, you may need to make long casts. A little chop on the water may allow you to get closer.

Springtime is always an exciting time of the year for most anglers. Fly anglers and topwater anglers everywhere will be out wetting a line.

Don’t pass up the opportunity.


Granbury fishing has been fair to slow for striped bass, though some catches have been reported by Indian Harbor and in town by the Hilton.

Some whitebass action is on going up near Tin Top. Many are trolling to cover a lot of water. Largemouth action has been good to 7 pounds on soft plastics fishing main lake points and creek entrances.

Some fish are moving into the sloughs. Crappie action is good on structure but will be making their trek shallow shortly. Water temperatures are in the upper 50s to the low 60s.

Squaw Creek black bass are being caught from the bank and from boaters. Good black bass action to 8 pounds are good on many areas of the lake.

Tilapia reports have been improving. Best bait for tilapia is worms fished under a cork.

Possum Kingdom Lake sand bass to 2 pounds are common on slabs near Costello Island and in Cedar Creek. Best striper reports are in the back of Caddo and Cedar Creek and near Costello Island.

Whitney stripers are good to 10 pounds on live bait fished from Cedron Creek to Frazier Creek on channel ledges/humps. Whitney sand bass are good to excellent near White Bluff and they are moving upstream. | 817-578-0023



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