Thursday, December 7, 2023

Article in 1961 spotlighted Emma Roberson as ‘ideal’ person, teacher



Although the following story from the local news archives was not primarily from the wild world of sports, the focus was on someone special who first made a name for herself as an outstanding schoolgirl basketball player. 

The woman behind the name of one school in the Granbury ISD — Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy — was the focus of a spotlight article published in the Oct. 19, 1961 edition of The Hood County News-Tablet.

The story noted that Roberson taught geometry, trigonometry, and algebra in Granbury’s school system. Roberson was described as “a vivacious, happy-go-lucky person with scarcely a serious thought in the world.” It continued, “Her most outstanding feature “is her aliveness. Her mobile face is most often wreathed in a smile, but she can be stern, too. No matter how busy or how tired she may be, she is always ready to help with any problem, large or small.”

As a tall girl who grew up in Dublin in a home located near a school where basketball courts were located, her height proved to be an advantage. The article continued, “Every moment that she could possibly spare, she could be found at school practicing basketball. Now was the time her height served her. With this added advantage, she was a better than average player.”

Roberson attended college at Tarleton in Stephenville, and was an outstanding member of the women’s basketball squad there, serving as a team captain. The article noted that “for a time she thought of being a missionary … But her interests have always lain with young people and their problems.”

Roberson also attended college at the University of North Texas, the University of Texas, Texas Christian University, and Howard Payne. There were “few subjects she has not taught,” the article stated, adding, “she has also been principal and basketball coach. Mrs. Roberson appears to be an ideal person and teacher, for she has so many of the admirable traits needed by everyone. What a credit she is to the teaching profession!”

The Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy in the Granbury ISD was later named in honor of her.


December 1947

In a one-paragraph report in the Dec. 4, 1947 edition, the Hood County News-Tablet gave a final score of 6-6 from a football game that was played on a Wednesday, Nov. 26, between the Granbury Pirates and a team of “ex-Pirates.”

The brief noted that the contest, which was played at Firemans Field, “was one of the best ever played in Granbury.” No other information was provided.


December 1927

A brief note from Dec. 2, 1927 looked similar to an ad, highlighting the fact that “G.H.S.” was going to be playing football against “Stripling Hi” of Fort Worth on Friday, Dec. 2.

The post stated that the cost for admission to the game was 50 cents. The kickoff was set for that afternoon, rather than at night — at 3:30 p.m.

Across the bottom was the comment, “Come see the Pirates win.”