Monday, December 4, 2023

BRA: More pelicans on Lake Granbury could be due to golden algae


Recently, some local residents have expressed excitement on Facebook about having spotted pelicans on Lake Granbury.

One such post was on The Granbury Square Facebook page and explained that the American White Pelican is migrating.

A large pod, or flock, had flown over the historic Hood County courthouse, the poster wrote, and had been floating and flying near the Lake Granbury bridge by Mesquite Pit restaurant.

But although the large aquatic birds do indeed migrate south in the winter, there could also be a more concerning reason for their appearance at Lake Granbury, according to the Brazos River Authority.

A recent post on the BRA’s Facebook page stated that the appearance of more pelicans at Lake Granbury “could be due to a fish kill.”

The post that appeared last week stated: “Golden Algae is suspected to be the cause of a reported fish kill on Lake Granbury today. The BRA has received notice from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that routine sampling for Golden Algae taken last week on the reservoir shows a moderate toxicity level. Under these conditions, fish kills are probable.” 

The BRA is asking for the public’s help in tracking fish kills and possible harmful algal blooms. Reports can be submitted at