Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Dolce Vita accepting deposits for November


Many senior residents in Hood County will soon have a new place to call home.

The multi-tiered, Marriott-like senior living apartment building that is currently being built on the cliff behind the Rockin’ S Bar and Grill by the lake bridge at 1101 White Cliff Road is estimated to be completed this winter.

After approximately three years of construction, the luxury waterfront complex, Dolce Vita, is now accepting deposits from those 60 and above, with an estimated move-in date to take place sometime in November.

“November first (is the expected completion date of Dolce Vita). We would like to have people start moving in by Thanksgiving,” said Chris Richardson, executive vice president of the Dolce Vita Development Group.

Dolce Vita, which means “sweet life” in Italian, is a four-storied, 60,000 square-foot apartment building that will make residents feel like they’re living a European lifestyle. Richardson said the inspiration for the European design is because of his development partner, who is Italian.

“It's a lot of that culture and a lot of that is inspired into these projects that we build so it kind of brings that Italian European (culture) to America; it's just a different experience,” Richardson said.

Dolce Vita features 147 one- and two-bedroom units that range in sizes from 622 to 1,267 square feet.

Amenities include a yoga studio, a hair salon, a fitness center, a theater room, a business center, pool, dog park, wine lockers, a “party kitchen,” an outdoor lounge area with a fire pit and a “sky lounge” on the roof.

The “sky lounge” will offer residents a beautiful view of Lake Granbury that they can’t get anywhere else.

“Being up on that hill, it's nice because that makes it look so much bigger, just being high on that little cliff there,” Richardson said. “The view that we have in the big, open windows and then all the view of the water and seeing downtown and everything is awesome, and that's something that where we're at and how high we sit up, that's something nobody else can offer.”

Pricing per month varies depending on the unit, and ranges from $1,400 to $2,200.

Individuals interested in leasing with Dolce Vita can call 817-583-7382 to secure their spot by paying a deposit.

“I'm actually looking forward to where we actually can get it up and running and operational and see what kind of (residents) we're going to have and what kind of events that we can set up. We want to offer that community feeling and keep people busy,” Richardson said.

He added that the inspiration for building apartments for seniors in Granbury is to “give them a sense of community, make life easier for them and create a space to where they can feel comfortable, make friends and enjoy the later years of their life.

“We've all gone through that, with our grandparents and parents and we've seen how it's kind of unfortunate sometimes that they work hard their whole life, and you don't want them to have to sell their homes because a lot of people want to downsize. Once people retire, they're on a fixed income, and we want to give them something nice and something with a sense of community. We want to give back and take care of the people that took care of us. It's important to us that we build facilities like we do to give people that option, that when they retire, they feel good, comfortable and taken care of, and that's a reason why we do that.”