Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Headmistress of Trinity Faith talks all things academy


Regina George is the Headmaster of Trinity Faith Academy formerly known as Lake Baptist. George has been with the academy since the start nearly 15 years ago. Since then, she has dedicated her time to spreading faith, inspiring freedom, and encouraging excellence.

George grew up in Odessa and comes from generations of teachers. Education runs in her blood. Christian values have also been in the family for generations and her dad served as a minister for over 60 years before passing in January.

George graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelor’s in All Level Music. She also earned her elementary teaching certification.

She has not always taught in private schools. She taught fifth grade in Plainview up until she started having kids. She now has four grown kids and has been teaching since 1987.

“I’m a public-school prodigy,” George said. “But I really felt a tug in my heart and a God-calling that God has entrusted me with these four babies. It is my job to make sure that they know right from wrong.”

When she was a first-time mom and her child was about to hit the age of five ready to go into school, George asked one of her mentors if they could go back in time and change anything, what would you do? Her mentor told her that with these eight-hour days of school and extracurricular she wished she had more time with her kids. It was after that George talked to her husband and decided to home school their child and those to come.

“I wanted to make sure not to shield them from everything but keep them in the greenhouse until those roots are firmly stuck. Then by the grace of God, you’re going to take that little plant and you’re going to plant it, and it’s going to thrive and do well,” George said.

George learned she wasn’t fully equipped to teach some subjects as her kids got older, and so she went to friends to help with certain topics. She also took the kids to Travis Academy of Fine Arts, where the kids participated in the band and choir. It was through TAFA George started hearing of a nurse that was going to start teaching Biology at her home, so she took the kids to her. After much driving back and forth her husband said she should bring the teacher to her. It was then the concept of the homeschooling academy came about.

“This was born out of a necessity in my life that I needed teachers to help me teach things I am not called to, or I am not gifted in,” George said.

 Trinity Faith Academy has been an incredible success thus far. With teachers on average staying 10 plus years, the relationships between the students and teachers are strong. George said what sets them apart from other private schools is their relationship with parents.

“Our new slogan for Trinity Faith is rooted in faith. That’s most important. I want these kids to have an understanding and working of the word of God. Everything we do is going to be Christian based, rooted in faith and strengthened by families,” George said.

The academy is unique because it only operates on a three-day week with 14 hours, the most a student can take. The school is also open 31 weeks for the entire academic year. The school is separated by K-6, junior high being seventh and eighth, and ninth through 12th.

When it comes to the upcoming school year, George is looking forward to another year of excellence. For approval into the score a student must have references recommending them to the academy. For more information on the school or to set up a tour visit