Wednesday, July 17, 2024

I’VE BEEN THINKING Interesting Facts



Carol Goodman Heizer is an author who recently moved to Hood County from Louisville, Kentucky. She has had short stories published in eight editions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. Her column for the Hood County News will appear every two weeks.

Interesting Facts

We sometimes believe we have a fairly good grasp on the world around us. That is, until we learn a few very interesting facts about things and events taking place every day in our universe. Please give your brain some exercise with this activity and try to give an answer to each question before proceeding to the next one, rather than merely looking at the answers below. You may even choose to write down your answers before comparing them to the correct ones when you have answered all the questions.

While it is entirely possible for an individual to find a different answer than the one listed below, it is not possible for this author to research a question to the extent that all other possible answers could be ruled out. Thus, for the sake of argument and readability, let us assume that the listed answers are correct.

More interesting facts will be revealed in future columns, along with detailed explanations in some cases. But, for now, let us begin.

  1. What is the main ingredient in household dust?
  2. What country has the most pyramids?
  3. What is the world’s smallest mammal?
  4. The human circulatory system is how many thousands of feet long?
  5. What country  has parts in all four hemispheres?
  6. What part of the eye has no blood vessels?
  7. In what country was the world’ first animated film made?
  8. In what state was German chocolate cake invented?
  9. A one-way trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway involves crossing how many bridges?
  10. Which precious metal inside the Earth can coat the planet?
  11. What brand name came from the combination of words “spice” and “ham”?
  12. How many days does it take one drop of water to travel the entire length of the Mississippi River?
  13. Why did people once eat arsenic?
  14. The first person processed at Ellis Island was a 15-year-old girl from what country?
  15. Japan has one vending machine for every how many people?
  16. Professional athletes did what during their off-season?
  17. What color were the first oranges?
  18. What letter of the alphabet does not appear in any U.S. state name?
  19. For what purpose did Johnny Appleseed plant thousands of apple trees?
  20. What country has 421 words for snow?
  21. Why can you not successfully shoot and kill an Armadillo?
  22. What language lays claim to having the longest word (containing 189,819 Letters)?
  23. How many thousands of eggs do some octopus species lay?
  24. On which paws do cats have fewer toes?
  25. For what purpose was Kleenex tissues originally intended?
  26. How many calories do blue whales eat in one mouthful?
  27. For what purpose was the tiny pocket in jeans originally designed?
  28. Thanks to 3D printing, what can NASA basically email to astronauts?
  29. What percentage of the Sahara Desert is sandy?
  30. With which part of the nose do dogs sniff good smells?
  31. After what human organ were Avocadoes named?
  32. What color of makeup did T.S. Eliot wear?
  33. No number before 1,000 contains what letter of the alphabet?
  34. Why do we sometimes see Christmas spelled as “Xmas”?
  35. What animal did Theodore Roosevelt have as a pet?