Thursday, December 7, 2023

New Granbury resident becomes part of the community through Leadership Granbury


Originally from Odessa, Lindsay Williams recently became a Granbury resident. Within only a few years of living here, Williams has already become an integral part of the community as well as a member of Leadership Granbury.

Williams made the move after visiting some family in Granbury. The COVID-19 shut down hit during William’s visit and it was then she and her husband decided to stay.

“I was blessed enough to have visited several times before we moved here and who wouldn’t want to stick around. The people here have been so welcoming, and the town is just beautiful. It is a perfect place to raise a family and plug into the community,” Williams said.

Williams is a nurse and works for Concho Hearts Hospice as a Clinical Liaison/Elder Care Expert. She has been with Concho Hearts for about a year.

Willians decided to become even more involved with the community and learn about the area. She then decided to join Leadership Granbury.

“I think Leadership Granbury has been a very important part of integrating into the community for me. Learning about everything that goes on behind the scenes was so much fun. Networking and getting to know the amazing group that was in my class have given me the gift of lifelong friends,” Williams said.

Williams enjoyed getting to work with people of all diverse backgrounds as part of leadership.

“We honestly get set in our ways and sometimes get the ‘my way is the best’ mindset. This past year has helped me to view things through a different lens at times. It either humbled me or completely challenged me to step up and make sure my voice was heard when needed. I would 100% recommend Leadership Granbury,” Williams said.

Williams is looking forward to the future and making an impact.

“I look forward to plugging into the community, stepping up where I am needed and truly just knowing that I have places to turn when I need help to figure something out. Also being a resource for someone else too. It is great to feel like a true part of the community of Granbury,” Williams said.