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"The Best Of Hood County 2021" 

The Best of Hood County season is underway! Businesses across the county are asking for your vote — Competing to earn the coveted "Best of Hood County" banner as one of your favorites. Vote, share, talk among yourselves, and show some love for our great local businesses! 

Our annual readers' poll is back and it's time to vote!

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You might eat lunch at a restaurant that makes the best cheese burger in town. Or spend a Friday night at the local hot spot that has the best live entertainment. How about your go-to plumber that saved the day on thanksgiving morning? The competition is unending, which is why sometimes, the gems of our community that truly deserve to shine get hidden in the horde of other businesses vying for attention. 

What if you could bring them to the surface and let them shine the way they deserve? 

What if you could have a hand in helping these businesses grow and thrive? 

What if you could get on a large platform and help them gain the limelight they deserve in front of thousands of people?

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Helping businesses gain the recognition they deserve!

You see them every day. Online ads, radio ads, ads on your favorite apps. They’re great for getting your name out there to the masses of customers who would otherwise never even know you exist. But what carries even greater weight is when a friend, neighbor or even a complete stranger filling out an online review recommends a business—because, as consumers, we trust the words and experiences of other fellow customers. That’s why Best of Hood county wields great power when it comes to getting the word out there about extraordinary businesses. Because real people who have tried and tested places around the county are giving you the scoop on companies and brands whose names they feel confident enough to stand behind. It’s a no-brainer, then, why presence in our Best of Hood County publication can build the credibility of any business. 

We can still get you on the ballot with a enhanced listing. Just click this link and submit your place of business or service today! Additionally, you can contact Brook or Karen to help get your listing up. Hurry though, time is running out.  

Already on the Ballot? Need a Flyer to promote your business listing on the "Best of" download and print this PDF to place in your window or at the check out counter.