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For 23 years, Pecan Plantation resident Nannette Samuelson has been running, biking and swimming — training daily for several marathons and triathlons that she participates in every year.

After missing the qualification cutoff for the Boston Marathon by 52 seconds in 2018 (two seconds a mile), the 61-year-old has now qualified for the Boston Marathon twice, once in 2019 and once in 2020.

It was thundering Thursday inside the James Wann Center as 80 players brought the lightning to basketball camp learning the fundamentals and team concepts it takes to become a Granbury Lady Pirate.

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Ever since Chicago — one of the most popular rock bands of all time — released its first album, “Chicago Transit Authority” in 1969, Rene Pena of Richardson was hooked on the self-described “rock and roll band with horn