Roger Deeds

Roger Deeds



Sheriff Roger Deeds began work as a Hood County deputy in 1998, served as volunteer fire marshal, and was named full-time fire marshal in 2003. He was elected sheriff in 2008. With his guidance, the new emergency operations center opened in 2014.


Well, we are in October now and the weather should be cooling down and people should be calming down also settling into a fall routine. Everyone is catching their breath before the holiday season coming up.

In Commissioners Court (Tuesday) morning the County Judge read two proclamations, one designating October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the second designating October also as Substance Abuse Awareness Month. Both are very important.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for citizens to learn more about preventing domestic violence and to show support for the organizations and individuals who provide critical advocacy, services and assistance to victims. Preventing substance use before it begins is the most effective way to eliminate the damage caused by drugs and the abuse of alcohol. Together, we can make sure all children have the opportunity to pursue happy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Both domestic violence and substance abuse devastate lives and families. Children are affected the worst by both. Domestic abuse calls are some of the hardest for my deputies to make. Tensions are high with everyone in the household and when law enforcement is called to a home our job is to protect and separate everyone to prevent the threat of further violence and then sort it all out.

Kids and their mothers usually come out hurt the worst. Sometimes things backfire on my deputies because family members take sides and switch when the deputies make their decision as to who needs to go to jail or just leave to prevent an ongoing threat of violence. So please try to recognize that we are there to help in a bad situation, and the law tells us what we shall do to stop the threat of further violence.

Substance abuse affects the young and the old. The old have a hard time breaking bad habits but the young — because of peer pressure or just experimenting — they get started down a long road that does not end up in a very good place. It is all of our responsibilities to make sure children have the chance to live a happy, productive life. They are kids, so help them to have fun and be a kid but take part in their lives and guide them in the right direction.

Hood County is very fortunate to have Mission Granbury here. They get high school kids involved with the Substance Abuse Council, and the justices of the peace are involved with Teen Court and other things to help children make better decisions with their lives. Mission Granbury helps law enforcement with helping people in need in a bunch of ways. We are so fortunate to have the shelter that they run to keep women and children safe while they get their lives back on track.

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