Jan Finch

Jan Finch


Jan Finch, PhD, LCSW-S is chair of the Comanche Peak Coalition for Mental Health.  She enjoys life on Lake Granbury and provides counseling with the help of her therapy dog, Allie.

I am sad to say I will be leaving the Granbury community soon.  No worries, this column on emotional health will continue. The Comanche Peak Coalition is ongoing and thriving through two new leaders, Madalyn Cano and Emily Singleton.  This dynamic duo is supported by long standing Officers and Board Members who include Wayne Vaughn, Lacey Robertson, and Meredith Deemer. Our Comanche Peak Coalition is a collaboration of over 40 agencies and individuals.  Our next meeting is Friday, August 20 at 2 PM.  The Zoom link is in our website, www.comanchepeakmh.org .

There are many things I have learned in my four years in Granbury.  The most important is what follows.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to connect with those around us.  We sometimes lose that special connection with our loved ones.  How do we keep this from happening? Here are ways to keep that connection alive:

Truly listen to what that person is saying whether it is a big thing or a little thing.

Be respectful of other’s feelings. ...that disappointment when their team loses is real. 

Give small gifts just because. ...it can be as simple as slipping a Hershey kiss in their lunch bag.

Compliment your loved ones in front of other people. ...say positive things about their work, their persistence to accomplish something tough, their accomplishments in school

Disagree with your loved ones in a kind and loving way. ...don’t put the other person down so you feel better.

Say “I love you.” Actually, say these words! Hearing it out loud is important to many people.

I will never lose my special connection with Granbury because of the wonderful people, the spiritual presence, the kind words and hard work that everyone has done to promote emotional health in this community.  Though I will be living an hour away, I Granbury will always be in my heart. I love you, Granbury, and I will miss you!

drjanfinch@gmail.com, 214-289-5201.