Covid 19

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With COVID-19 cases surging again due in part to variants, all of Hood County’s ICU beds are full, according to a report issued shortly before noon Thursday (Aug. 19) by Hood County Emergency Management Coordinator Jay Webster.

Ninety percent of Lake Granbury Medical Center's ICU patients (25 out of 27) and 41.79% of its patients are COVID-19 positive, Webster reported.

Webster’s update stated that there are currently 35 local hospitalizations due to COVID-19, and 175 active cases within the county. The total reflects a 63.5% increase over the past week.

Those who tested positive and are not hospitalized have been instructed to self-isolate at home.

There have been 11 new COVID-19 positive deaths among Hood County residents since July 20, for a total of 147 deaths, according to Webster.

The Trauma Service Area (TSA) Regional Hospital rate for COVID-19 is 19.68%, which is 4.68% over the 15% threshold required by the state.

At the time Webster issued his update, 62 adult ICU beds were available within the region, and only two pediatric ICU beds were available.

Hood County has been at high risk of COVID-19 transmission since Aug. 2.

The local Public Health Authority, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), encourages vaccination for everyone eligible, including those 12 and older.

Mask wearing and social distancing are also recommended. | 817-579-1886