Hood County Sheriff

A jail visitation turned into trouble for a 45-year-old Oak Trail Shores resident on Wednesday. Jennifer Alyce Lindeman was visiting an inmate in the Hood County Jail when she was arrested by jailers on an outstanding Class A misdemeanor warrant.

“Deputies discovered Lindeman was also in possession of THC liquid during her visit,” Lt. Johnny Rose stated in a news release. “Lindeman was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance (second-degree felony, $15,000 bond), prohibited substance in a correctional facility (third-degree felony, $10,000 bond) and a warrant for gambling promotion (Class A misdemeanor, $3,000 bond).”

Rose noted, “In person jail visitation(s) have started back up and visitors need to remember that if you have a warrant or are in possession of drugs, you will go to jail.”