Friday, June 21, 2024

A message from Sam Houston "Our Best of Hood County 2023 contest."


Our Best of Hood County 2023 section marks the official notification to the world of the winners of our Best of Hood County contest. This is the 14th year of the competition and I believe the excitement of this year’s event was even greater than it has been in the past. There is no small reason to wonder why! With over 2300 business entries in 139 categories, and a total of 46,884 votes cast, Best Of is a community event which people look forward to every year. Earning the right to display the Best of Hood County logo at a place of business allows the entity to serve notice to the world that they stand out and are a step above the competition.

I have been present when business owners learn they have won the Best of Hood County and have seen tears come to their eyes or their voices raised in triumphant jubilation over their accomplishment. Smart business owners know and appreciate the value of the designation and are proud and sometimes overwhelmed to be recognized.

What makes Best Of so popular is the contest is a positive for both businesses and consumers. It allows the average citizen, the man or woman who spends their hard-earned money on a variety of different goods and services, to express their heartfelt belief on which company best meets their needs. They cast a vote for a company because they provide great value, terrific customer service, and because of how they relate to their customers.

For a business, they know when a consumer is looking to buy, they shop with confidence when they shop at a location which is a Best Of award winner. Buyers know they are shopping with a time tested, proven commodity, and they can feel comfortable in their transaction. When new people move to town, Best Of winners are a good road map of places to shop first.

Thank you to all the entries and to the thousands of voters who participated.

Congratulations to all!

Sam Houston

Publisher Hood County News

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