Sunday, July 14, 2024

“As business leaders we must stand up and not stand down” Congressman Roger Williams stops by Granbury to talk to business owners


U.S. Congressman TX-25 Roger stopped by Granbury to connect with small business owners and talk about what he is doing to serve the state while working in Washington D.C.

Williams grew up in Fort Worth and received his education from Texas Christian University on a baseball scholarship. He later became the head coach of the team and got into his family business selling automobiles in Weatherford.

Williams served as Secretary of State from 2005 to 2007 before he started serving in congress.

“Never ever did I say I want to be a congressman,” Williams said at the event and has now been serving in congress for 12 years. “I got to run for congress because no one is fighting for small business, nobody’s fighting for main street America.”

Williams serves on two committees including the financial services committee and the small business committee where he serves as the chairman.

Williams says he is unique in congress in the fact that he still owns a business whereas very few people in congress own a business.

“If I pass legislation that affects you, it’s going to affect me too,” Williams said during the event.

The economy and border control were his biggest concerns when it comes to the state of the country.

Williams also talked about the effects of inflation, higher interest rates and the strain on smaller businesses. He went on and talked about community banks being under attack due to a group in Washington wanting to only have four banks for the country.

Williams remarked about how many Texas students drop out of high school. He wants to tell those kids how you don’t have to lose hope and necessarily go to college to be successful. He went on to say that there is a need for more plumbers, welders, and carpenters.

The congressman noted that he passed a bipartisan bill to where when a student applies to a state university, they must be shown the cost of the university compared to a career and technical education school.

Williams also talked about the small business administration and noted that they have gone rogue and have become too political. Williams added that he asked for an audit from the SBA and in the report showed that they were out $200 billion dollars, and noted the SBA later defended that number reporting it was only $36 billion dollars.

“That money belongs to taxpayers,” Williams said during the event. “We know that foreign nationals got some of that money. That makes me mad as heck. There’s some businesses here in Granbury that wanted to borrow money, and they didn’t get it because there are foreign nationals running around with that money. That’s just wrong... We’re going to get that money.”

Williams went on to add, “We’re going to put America on commission. We’re going to ask you to go out and find this money. If you find this money, we’re going to pay you 10%. If you find money from China, we’re going to pay you 15%,” Williams said. “I think that in itself will bring back a lot of the money from people who stole the money... If we get people to find some of this money, we’ve done our job.”

Williams then took a few questions from the audience and gave a few remarks before his departure.

“We’ve got a great district. I just want to say thank you to you all. You’ve got a unique community here. People as I travel around know where Granbury is. There’s a lot of smaller towns that want to emulate what you have got here. From an outsider I want to say keep it going… Williams said during the event.

“You’ve got a personality here in this community that most people don’t have. I’m proud to represent you because I like to tell people what we’ve got here in the district. We’ve got the (Texas) Rangers, the (Dallas) Cowboys, we have a nuclear plant, and we have Granbury Texas.”