Sunday, July 14, 2024

Courtney Current finds ‘deeper connection’ in Leadership Granbury


Since moving to Granbury almost nine years ago, Courtney Current spent most of her time traveling for work — leading her to feel like an outsider in her own community.

But through the help of a new job and Leadership Granbury, Current now feels like she’s an integral part of the Hood County family.

Current is the managing partner for Concho Hearts Hospice of Granbury. She explained how the job allows her to fulfill her passion for elder care, while also being able to stay at home following the end of her shift.

“I had traveled for work over the last probably eight years, and so to get home, I took this position,” she said. “I had never really immersed myself in the community because I was traveling for work, but I got this opportunity, and I loved it.”

To integrate herself in the community further, Current also joined the Granbury Chamber of Commerce, where she found Leadership Granbury.

Leadership Granbury is a program that creates an awareness of community resources and needs, enhances leadership skills, and helps identify future leaders, according to the website.

By investing in the community, the program allows Hood County business owners, government officials, civic leaders, healthcare providers, educators and more to participate in team-building exercises and learn more about the community they call “home.

“It was a great experience for connecting with other business owners, and other people who have moved to Granbury in the last few years, and really want to see themselves here long term and embedded in our community civically,” Current said. “It was a nice transition for me to go from traveling all the time to being home to actually being a part of a group that was so close-knit.”

Leadership Granbury begins with a mandatory full-day retreat that acquaints participants with each other and the program. The retreat is the first step in creating bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime, according to the website.

The course then consists of one full-day session each month — from September through May — that offers learning opportunities and challenges participants to become actively involved in building a better tomorrow for Granbury.

Current said her favorite part about Leadership Granbury was traveling to Austin for Government Day.

“It was kind of unique, because you’re like, stuck on a bus for four hours with some of the people you’ve been with for most of the year at that point,” she said. “It just strengthened our friendships and strengthened us getting on a deeper level of knowing each other. When we got there, it was really cool, just to see how our county was represented on a state level. We have some great representatives there who were actually passing a bill they had put up, so it was kind of cool to see that our congressman was so involved."

Current encourages anyone who is looking for other professionals with “like-minded entrepreneurial spirits” and who want a “deeper connection” to the community, to give Leadership Granbury a try.

She added, “Learning about our community and the way it is integrated is really part of what Leadership Granbury presents.”

Although anyone is eligible to apply or make a nomination to Leadership Granbury, the board selects a maximum of 25 qualified individuals every year.

To learn more about how to become a part of Leadership Granbury, email | 817-573-1243