Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Hood County Animal Control seeking donations amid ‘animal crisis’


The Fourth of July is always an exciting day filled with delicious food and dazzling fireworks.

But for pets, the celebratory holiday is anything but exciting, as loud booms cause several to flee their homes in terror every year.

In just six days, the Hood County Animal Control (HCAC) took in 58 animals, with much of the overcrowding attributed to the Fourth of July holiday.

On July 6, HCAC Sergeant Kelly McNab created a post on Facebook, revealing that the facility was full and in “desperate need of help.”

“We currently have 90 animals in our care,” McNab said, in an email to the HCN on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, we receive numerous calls daily from owners wanting to surrender their pets to our facility.”

She explained that the influx of animals is caused by people breeding their pets faster than the HCAC can save them.

“We are in an animal crisis,” she said. “If you want to save a pet, start by keeping your own.”

To help with the overflow at the facility, the HCAC held an adoption event on July 8.

"The majority of people who come to adopt have other pets, so they are looking for a friendly companion,” McNab said. “We had an older dog adopted by a nice family and a younger puppy who found her forever home with the help of a rescue organization that trains assistance animals for veterans.”

Although the adoption event helped some animals find their forever homes, many animals are still residing at HCAC, including the two longest residents: Kahuna, a neutered male rottweiler/Pitbull mix and Buddy, a male hound/Doberman Pinscher mix.

McNab said the community can help the facility by adopting, getting their pets spayed/neutered, and microchipping their pets, so they can be identified if they are ever brought into HCAC.

“We also accept donations at the facility,” she added.


The following items are currently needed at the Hood County Animal Shelter:

Pet Supplies

⦁ Kitten food – Purina Kitten Chow

⦁ Cat litter

⦁ Cat toys

⦁ Pedigree puppy food

⦁ Pedigree dog food

⦁ Collars

⦁ Leashes

⦁ Stainless steel bowls

⦁ Towels

⦁ Blankets

Cleaning supplies

⦁ Bleach

⦁ Paper towels

⦁ Clorox wipes

⦁ Hand sanitizer

⦁ Laundry soap

⦁ Clorox spray


The HCAC is located at 1550 Weatherford Highway. The facility is open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. the first Saturday of every month.

“Anytime we are open, we are open for adoptions,” McNab said. “We also try having additional adoption events on different weekends throughout the month. These adoption events are either at the facility or at local businesses.”

For more information on the Hood County Animal Control, call 817-573-4277.

“We feel defeated and can’t do this without your help,” McNab added. “Even one dog adopted is a life saved.”