Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Hood County Crime Report for 2023


Hood County saw an increase in crime across nearly all categories in 2023 compared to the 2022 year. In total, the county had 989 reported incidents, 998 offenses, 1,000 victims and 819 known offenders. This was a 10.03% increase from 2022.

In 2022, there were a total of 895 incidents, 907 offenses, 906 victims and 789 known offenders. Crimes against persons resulted in 353 incidents, 359 offenses, 3,595 victims and 345 known offenders resulting in a 21.21% increase.

Sex offenses were up 114.29% with 14 total incidents, 15 offenses and victims, and 13 known offenders. Homicide offenses were up by 150% with five incidents, offenses, victims and offenders being reported compared to last year where there were only two in each category reported. Kidnapping/abduction was up 300% with two incidents, three offenses, three victims and two known offenders. There were zero human trafficking incidents across the board.

When looking at crimes against property there was a 7.27% increase with 469 incidents, 472 offenses, 474 victims and 275 known offenders. Larceny, also known as the unlawful taking of someone’s property with an intent to deprive, was the highest incident count with 224 incidents, 224 offenses, 226 victims and 133 known offenders totaling a 21.08% increase. Fraud offenses were up by 31.15% with a total of 80 incidents, offenses, 81 victims and 30 known offenders. Counterfeiting/forgery was up 275% with 15 incidents and offenses with 16 victims and 7 known offenders.

Destruction/damage/vandalism was down by 7.25% with 64 incidents, offenses and 65 victims and 40 known offenders. Burglary/breaking and entering also was down by 16.42% with 55 incidents, 56 offenses, 55 victims and 36 known offenders. Motor vehicle theft was also down by 37.5% with only 28 reported incidents, 30 offenses, 28 victims and 26 known offenders. Robbery was down by 33.33% with only two reported incidents, offenses, victims and known offenders. There were no reported incidents of arson, embezzlement, extortion/blackmail or stolen property offenses.

When looking at crimes against society there was a 2.34% increase with a total of 167 incidents, offenses, victims, and 199 known offenders. Animal cruelty saw a 33.33% increase with four total incidents, offenses, victims and five known offenders. There was a 25% increase in pornography/obscene material with five incidents, offenses, victims and four known offenders. Weapons law violations also saw an uptick of 13.33% with 17 incidents, offenses, victims and 18 known offenders. Drug/narcotic offenses were down by 5.37% totaling 141 incidents, offenses, victims and 172 known offenders. There were zero gambling offenses throughout the year.