Wednesday, July 17, 2024

“I have learned that I am truly meant to be here” Leadership Granbury Tami Fleeger finds unity in the community


Tami Fleeger is the General Manager for Comfort Suites in Granbury and is also a recent member of Leadership Granbury.

Fleeger moved from Aledo to Granbury two and a half years ago. Before coming to Texas, Fleeger used to live in Northern California where she served in hospitality for 12 years managing hotel teams and operations.

Fleeger’s husband Kevin always wanted to move back to Texas as he used to live in Midland when he was younger. Fleeger and her husband also have family living in Texas, including Fleeger’s father who is now just a few hours away. After some thought, it only made sense to make the move to Texas.

“It felt like a big hug from God that he made the way for us to be here. Granbury is so charming and in my short time working here, I have learned that I am truly meant to be here. The unity that is at work in this community is what truly makes Granbury the special place that is,” Fleeger said.

Having been in the hospitality business for 14 years now, Fleeger has become a stronger leader.

“We have a unique opportunity everyday to connect with not only staff, but also the guests that stay with us. No two days are alike. Everyone we meet is going through something. Something we get to celebrate with them or something we cry together over. Whatever the case may be, we get to meet people where they are, guests and employees alike, and lock arms with them in support and pray for their needs,” Fleeger said.

After settling down in the down, Fleeger decided she wanted to join Leadership Granbury to get better connected to the town and the people. Fleeger now serves on the board as one of the event directors.

“It has connected me to so many people within the community. It has truly opened my eyes to see what a community that supports each other and works together in unity can accomplish,” Fleeger said. “I love connecting people with resources and I have learned so much through Leadership Granbury what resources are available here. From non-profits to education, from the chamber of commerce to Visit Granbury, from city hall to every small business in town...there is so much that Granbury offers its community.”

When it comes to the future Fleeger is eager for what is to come both in her leadership as well as her current role at Comfort Suites.

“I am looking forward to creating systems and streamlining processes and formations with the current board of directors, making the way for future Leadership Granbury generations,” she said. “I am looking forward to watching other leaders come in and be as amazed as I was. We all want to be a part of something and to feel like we belong. We all want to continue to grow and move forward. Leadership Granbury Alumni continues to provide the space to do just that.”