Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Justice Ken Wise to speak in Ramay-Macatee series


The Bridge Street History Center will have an esteemed guest speaker at its Ramay-Macatee Speaker Series on Thursday, Nov. 9. The event is set for 6:30 p.m. at Granbury Live, located at 110 N. Crockett St. in Granbury.

Justice Ken Wise will serve as speaker for the ninth annual event as he provides guests with an enlightening exploration of Texas history.

As the host of the award-winning — and cleverly-named — podcast "Wise About Texas," Wise has captivated audiences with his engaging storytelling.

In fact, his podcast is what inspired interest from the Bridge Street History Center to invite the Houston resident to serve as a speaker for the Ramey-Macatee Speaker Series.

“I listen to podcasts when I exercise, go for a walk, for a drive, whatever, and I found (his podcast) and somehow I started listening to it,” said Cody Martin, board member of the Bridge Street History Center. “(Wise) typically covers stuff that's not really well-known, like some lesser-known topics about Texas history. But I just reached out to him after I started listening to his podcast, emailed him, and chatted with him by email a few times about different topics.”

In addition to his podcasting prowess, Justice Wise serves on the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston and has shared his expertise as a professor at both the University of Houston Law Center and Houston Baptist University.

“He’s kind of a big deal,” Martin said. “At least in legal circles anyway. I don’t know how many justices there are around the state, but probably not that many.”

During the series, Wise will delve into captivating stories from the early days of the Texas Rangers, including a remarkable episode near Granbury involving the legendary Ranger John “Rip” Ford.

“It ties into the early Texas Rangers because back then, the Texas Rangers didn’t think of themselves as law enforcement,” Martin said. “They considered themselves a military unit.”

Following Wise's talk, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session, providing a chance to delve deeper into Texas history and gain valuable insights from the distinguished speaker. The evening will conclude with a short reception, offering an excellent opportunity for networking and further discussion.

Named after Georgia Ramay and Vircy Macatee — both of whom played an integral part in creating the Bridge Street History Center — the Ramay-Macatee Speaker Series was established in 2015 to bring some of the finest Texas historians and authors to Hood County.

“The Bridge Street History Center brings in someone who's well-known throughout the state,” Martin explained. “Typically, it's an author who's written a book about Texas, but we try to bring in someone who has a regional or statewide appeal. Normally we're focused on local history, but once a year, we host the Ramay-Macatee Speaker Series to talk about a topic related to Texas history.”

Formerly, the event was called the Ramay-Macatee Lecture Series, but Martin explained the word “lecture” immediately suggests something akin to a college course, which is not the angle the Bridge Street History Center was going for originally.

“It's fun, it’s interesting, it's entertaining, and it's a good way to learn more about history from someone who has spent lots of time doing research and learning about a particular topic,” Martin said. “Even if you don’t care about that topic, it’s fun just to go and listen.”

Tickets are priced at $20 for VIP and $10 for prime. Individuals can purchase tickets online at granburylive.com. Given the popularity of this event, attendees are advised to secure their tickets promptly to ensure the best seating arrangements and an unforgettable experience.

For more information, email admin@bshc-granbury.org or call Granbury Live at 800-340-9703.