Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ladies only: July 26 soiree will be great time to get your Sparkle on!




Katy Offutt is executive director of Forward Training Center of Hood County. Her community leadership roles include: Help Ministry coordinator, Stonewater Church; alumnus and past president, Leadership Granbury; vice president, Granbury Housing Authority; president, Public Facility Corporation; Nominating Committee chair, LGMA; and volunteer with Ada Carey Center.


Donna Sullivan, owner of Signature Beauty Bar and Fashions, knows Sparkle and Shine. She adds the perfect “Signature Statement“ to any outfit and any occasion.

Donna is celebrating Signature’s sixth anniversary and giving back to the community by supporting Forward Training Center (FTC) with a generous donation from the proceeds of the event. She and her friends at Bella Rosa and Diamond A Ranch have joined forces to bring awareness to FTC.

The Sparkle & Shine Soiree will be held at Diamond A Ranch on Wednesday, July 26 at 5:30 p.m. It promises to be a fun event packed full of treats and surprises and an explosive Fashion Show finale. Wearing lots of bling is a must to attend, so purchase your tickets now by calling 817-219-9899 or dropping by Signature Beauty Bar. If you attended last year, you would already know what a fabulous event this would be and be prepared for a surprise entirely new production.

Donna had a dream, to own the perfect salon where a woman who had a special event could come in and receive head-to-toe pampering, put on a new outfit, and have a limo pick them up out front to whisk them away. Fast forward 30 years and following a relocation from Florida to Granbury, she is now living that dream (minus the limo part). She overcame many challenges to arrive here and credits her family’s support for now being here in Granbury.

Donna’s entry into the philanthropic world began when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She became aware that many single working moms earned just enough income to exclude them from outside help financially for lifesaving chemotherapy treatments. They had to choose between treatments or paying bills. Seeing this need, Donna facilitated raising more than $300,000, and 100% was paid toward bills for nine single moms to access needed oncology care.

Donna proudly claims “I love Forward because I was raised to help others give a hand up and always put others first, and that is how I live my life. I am passionate about helping others and giving back to my community.”

Underneath the beauty and glam is a woman of amazing generosity.

As an entrepreneur, Donna credits her success to championing a team of associates for Signature’s success. She understands how challenging it can be to assemble the right team.

FTC is a valuable commodity impacting community businesses and potential students by offering no-cost student job skills training and IT training to raise a skilled workforce of youths and adults meeting the needs of the employers. Likewise, graduates can find long-term sustainable careers and entry into higher-paying jobs. FTC encourages people to discover their dream job by participating in the center’s myriad of classes. We are located at 600 W. Pearl St. in Granbury.

A favorite quote from Donna is, “Failure is not an option and I truly believe if you think you can succeed, you can.”

katy@forwardtrainingcenter.org | 817- 219-5655