Sunday, May 26, 2024

Lemonade Day brings thousands in profits for local fifth graders


Hood County’s first kid-driven Lemonade Day was a success.

The project for Granbury fifth graders was a partnership between the Granbury Chamber of Commerce and the Granbury ISD.

Chamber President and CEO Brian Bondy reported that there were 47 registered lemonade stands for the Saturday, May 20, event and five or six stands that “popped up” but were not officially registered.

More than 100 fifth graders participated.

Bondy said that just over $11,000 in sales and donations were recorded, with net profits totaling $7,728.02.

The largest amount of profit was collected by a team from Baccus Elementary. Their profit total was $600, according to Bondy, who called Lemonade Day “a pretty awesome first-time event for the community.”

Lemonade Day is a program designed to encourage entrepreneurship and to teach kids how to operate a business. It has grown to more than 80 licensed markets.

The program involved classroom training for all 550 of the district’s fifth grade students, but participating in lemonade stand sales was voluntary.