Sunday, July 14, 2024

Letter-Billy Wimberly

This election cycle matters


As a lifetime conservative republican, I will tell you that the Republican Party of Hood County has been hijacked by extremists who manipulate and seek to divide our party and control our county politics. The United Republicans of Hood County was formed this year to combat malicious and dishonest tactics and seeks to serve ALL republicans in Hood County and restore our small-town values.

This election cycle matters. We must elect individuals who support our students and teachers. Nancy Alana and Mike Moore are the only two candidates that have the background to fulfill these requirements. Nancy Alana has over 30 years of school service as a teacher, principal, and school board member. Mike Moore has been an effective school board member and is a local banker. Failure to elect the right trustees will cause significant harm to our children’s education, our teaching staff, and our district at large.

GISD is an outstanding school district. Our school tax rate is the LOWEST for a district our size in the entire DFW metropolitan area. Our children graduate ready for college, technical schools, or to enter the work force as they desire.

If you are a parent and care about the education of your children, or if you are a concerned citizen who cares about the students’ education in GISD, please educate yourselves before you vote in this election. Talk with one of the hundreds of educators active and retired that live here or friends and neighbors who are informed on these issues. Then pass this information on to the other voters who care about our school district. Together, we can continue to offer a great education to all of our children.

Billy Wimberly, Place 5, GISD School Board