Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Local man sets new fly-fishing world record on Lake Granbury


Record-setting fisherman Barry Osborn is at it again with a new world-record fly-fishing mark set on Lake Granbury for a beautiful and unique carp he caught on Nov. 4 with a fly rod.

The fish known as a butterfly, longfin, or fantail carp measured 73 centimeters (28.74 inches) and was certified last week as a new International Game Fish Association world record.

“The IGFA recently separated their all-tackle length category into all-tackle rod and reel and all-tackle fly rod. I am trying to be the first angler to have the top rating in the all-tackle fly category. I may be the first angler to receive top recommendation for this world fishing category,” Osborn said.

Featured in this year’s edition of “Ripley’s Believe or Not,” Osborn has more than 100 world records and even more Texas state records.

Because of its colorfully fanned tail, the carp might remind people of a goldfish, but Osborn’s fish is a Cyprinus carpio (the common carp).

There was no official weight for the fish.

“The category is catch and release based on length, so I wanted to get the fish back in the water quickly, and I did not weigh it,” Osborn said.

After submitting his documentation and photographs, it took about six weeks for the IGFA to certify the new world record catch. | 817-573-7066 ext. 231